Audiofocus CARYS C15LSa

Combined LF / Sub + amplifier solution for Carys column systems

Product Documentation

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LF : 1 x 15″

SPL peak 

137 dB preliminary


35 kg


Carys C15LSa is a combined LF / Sub extension for the Carys C6 column loudspeaker. The self-powered C15LSa can provide amplification to a partner C6 column, creating an elegant 2 box, full range PA system. A locking mechanism ensures stability and super-fast, plug ‘n play setup.

A leading edge 15” neodymium LF transducer with Tetracoil technology allows C15LSa to deliver high SPL and excellent efficiency. The LF / Sub features a naturally cardioid tuned vent, allowing it to be deployed discreetly close to walls and corners without sacrificing audio clarity.

C15LS is equipped with an AUDIOFOCUS A4M SCiO Class-D amplifier module with comprehensive integrated DSP. The amplifier can be remotely monitored and controlled via a browser-based WebUI.

Carys C15LSa is built in Belgium by skilled craftspeople and state-of-the-art machinery before being coated in tough, weather-resistant polyurea to safeguard your investment.


  • 15” neodymium driver
  • Combined LF / Sub
  • Streamlined system for fast setup / installation
  • Cardioid vent
  • Tetracoil technology delivers more output and less distortion than comparable designs